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I can take it...

Name: nichole
Age: 15
Location: florida
Gender: female
10 Favorite Bands:
- 3 doors down
- staind
- my chemical romance
- nickelback
- fall out boy
- sugarland
- dht
- papa roach
- yellowcard
10 Favorite Movies:
- war of the worlds
- the notebook
- a walk to remember
- madagascar
- the craft
- wild things
- steel magnolias
- the forsaken
- blade 1
- blade 2
3 Favorite Authors:
- emilie rose
- maureen child
- jan holly
--General Likes and Dislikes--
Likes: anything fun
Dislikes: feet liars theifs

Drugs: i dont mind them i just dont like coc. and herione
Alcohol: it solves prblems and causes them
Abortion: i dont belive in them unless u got raped or its life/death
Women's Rights: all for that

--When I Say _____ you say _____-- (these can be more than one word. Just keep it short.)
Jim Morrison: who?
John Lennon: hells yea
Brian Setzer: sexi
Alaniss Morisette: hot
Nicole Ritchie: she is beautiful
David Bowie: ok

--Promote somewhere and post the link--
1. i dont no how
2. sorry

--Flatter The Mods--
graceofthedead(grace):your pretty i love the mod pic of you right now
xguiltxpridex(eka): i love your nose ring!
sexybexi(bexi):OMG you are so beautiful!!!! your hair is like damn hott...

Include three or more pictures. UNPHOTOSHOPPED. And if you want to please us, use a bodyshot as well.
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