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***new girl***

since ditzy_deadhead has joined using MY PICS, her app, I figure I have a decent shot...

heres my app..

Name: Celina Ashley Suicide©
Age: 21
Location: Fresno, CA, US of A
Gender: Femme
10 Favorite Bands: Rev. Horton Heat, Cock Sparrer, Mad Sin, Joy Division, Blitz, Nekromantix, Morissey, Depeche Mode, Social Distorion, Misfits
10 Favorite Movies: Full Metal Jacket, Clockwork Orange, Pretty In Pink, Ghost World, Swingers, How to Marry a Millionaire, Buffalo 66, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Rocky Horror, Dazed and Confused
3 Favorite Authors: Kurt Vonnegut, Roald Dahl, Frank Herbert

--General Likes and Dislikes--
Likes: Guinness, fetish, tattoos, piercings, boys in tight pants, make-up, hair dye, blood, sharp things, punching boys, oi shows, rockabilly rebels, burlesque
Dislikes: talking, pasta, brown hair, pop punk, imposters

Drugs: drugs are disgusting, and drug users do not impress me. Illegal drugs of course. I myself rely on prescription anti depressents, but I say to each his own.
Alcohol: I enjoy alcohol myself although not lately. As long as its not hurting the user, anyone involved with the user, and the user does not hurt anyone else purposely or inadvertantly, I say drink up.
Abortion: Its a sad thing, truly awful, but sometimes it really is the best option. Ive had one myself under unfortuate circumstances. There should always be the choice.
Women's Rights: Why the hell not?!!! Are women not human?! Womens rights indeed. We outnumber the male population, and we shall rule the world one day.

--When I Say _____ you say _____-- (these can be more than one word. Just keep it short.)
Jim Morrison: The Lizard King
John Lennon: the beatles guy
Brian Setzer: he stray cat struts
Alaniss Morisette: a Canadian I hate
Nicole Ritchie: is a bit chubby
David Bowie: musical genius

--Promote somewhere and post the link--
1.my journal
2.Subcultural girls

--Flatter The Mods--
graceofthedead(grace): A face for fame
xguiltxpridex(eka): Epitome of glamour
sexybexi(bexi): a bod for success

Include three or more pictures. UNPHOTOSHOPPED. And if you want to please us, use a bodyshot as well.

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