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Name:Bruce Hontz
Location:New Bedford, Ma
10 Favorite Bands:mewithoutyou, alexis on fire, modest mouse, afi until "98", son of sam, david bowie, the shins, the strokes, placebo, iggy pop,
10 Favorite Movies:momento, vanilla sky, brink(everyone loves that movie) lion king(a heart breaking movie), mullholand drive, donnie darko(played out but still good),thumb wars, the crow, bat thumb(you should all see that his names WUC BAIN!) mean girls. :)
3 Favorite Authors:jean craighhead, george orwell, Friedrich Nietzsche

--General Likes and Dislikes--
Likes:drumming, im in a glam band and i sing. we dont have the name for it yet were still in the making of everything ill let you guys know how it comes out. dumb people. :)
Dislikes:crunchy kids, colorful shoelaces, people who chew with there mouths open

Drugs:drugs. eh. its up to you if you wanna ruin your life and lose alot of money doing so then go for it!
Alcohol:alchohol its more of a socializing thing. i do it so its not that bad.
Abortion: its not the right way. i say you have birth and put it up for adoption everyone should have a right to live. anyways you look at it.
Women's Rights:im all for it. a women can do anythigng a man can do, maybe even better. but i dunno a mans body is for heavy lifting in most cases women cant do carpentry and stuff like that NOT SAYING non of them can.

--When I Say _____ you say _____-- (these can be more than one word. Just keep it short.)
Jim Morrison:jesus in a costume
John Lennon: yellow submarine :)
Brian Setzer: seltzer water?
Alaniss Morisette: hahah she was naked in her video. shes cool.
Nicole Ritchie: richie rich.
David Bowie:he is god. no matter how you look at it HES IS GOD!

--Promote somewhere and post the link--

--Flatter The Mods--
graceofthedead(grace):grace you are beautiful. and im not just saying that because your a mod. im dead serious you are beautiful and if i seen you on the streets id probably hit on you.
xguiltxpridex(eka):eka. will you be mine?
sexybexi(bexi):bexi your my soul mate thats about it.

Include three or more pictures. UNPHOTOSHOPPED. And if you want to please us, use a bodyshot as well.

ok thats it. thank you.
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