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Name: Tiffany
Age: 15
Location: Lincoln, NE
Gender: Female
10 Favorite Bands: Dashboard Confessional, The Ataris, Starting Line, Coheed and Cambria, New Found Glory, Finch, Smile Empty Soul, All American Rejects, Thursday, MxPx
10 Favorite Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean, The New Guy, Romeo and Juliet, Ever After, The Princess Bride, Starsky and Hutch, Remember the Titans, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Charlie’s Angles, Master and Commander
3 Favorite Authors of Books: I don’t really have favorites. I really like every chicken soup for the teenage soul book. The people who write in to those are really good.

--General Likes and Dislikes--
Likes: Music is my life. I also love my friends.
Dislikes: Egotistical people and people who are stuck up.

Drugs: They are bad for you.
Alcohol: Only if you’re of age and drink responsibly.
Abortion: It’s bad. Its just like murder, but I mean I can see if you were raped getting one.
Women's Rights: Theres really no issue here. We’re all created equal and I see no difference between a man and woman other than boobs and a dick.

--When I Say _____ you say _____-- (these can be more than one word. Just keep it short.)
Jom Morrison: you mean jim?
John Lennon: Let it be. Strawberry Fields Forever. Ahh.. the Beatles.
Brian Stezer:  Setzer?
Alaniss Morisette: I remember her…
Nicole Ritchie: “Nebraskans wear cargo pants so they can carry around their hammers” or something like that. Too rich for her own good
David Bowie: I don’t really know of him that much

--Promote somewhere and post the link--

--Flatter The Mods--
graceofthedead(grace): I love the hair- totally cute, and your style is cool too. Innocent and cute looking.
xguiltxpridex(eka): I’m liking your sense of style too. Works great. And the glasses are cute.




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Web me and kirsti on the 4th

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Web me and sam at homecoming


Web me and kisrti on the tramp




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